The Black Dog of Winter

In response to the recent daylight saving time adjustment this past Sunday (here in the UK at least), I thought I would recommend an interesting article entitled 'Can Humans Hibernate? Ask the Dwarf Lemur' by Sheena Faherty (April, 2014). 

As winter draws near, and the darkness immerses many of us in the northern hemisphere, the lure of constant sleep is a strong one. I, myself, feel I could easily be a hibernating black bear this time of the year.  Most people, including those who annually battle SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) can probably relate to the desire of plunging deep under the comforters, engulfing oneself in fluffy warmth for hours on end as dreams flicker in and out. 

Unfortunately for our energy levels, this not a realistic or healthy options. And it is probably better for our social lives and careers if we try not to sleep away the entire winter season. While we start our days (hopefully still for a few weeks) in sunlight and leave work in the dark, it is still amusing to fantasize about human hibernation and if we were able to, how wonderful would it feel?

Below is a link to a wonderful short animation on vimeo about a girl trying to save herself from and within the world around her. While this amazing short called 'Move Mountain' by Kirsten Lepore is about the battle with lyme disease, I think it can be aptly applied to any personally, mentally and physically related battle including depression and/or SAD. In fact, I initially thought it was about depression and so did the person who recommended it to me.

Take a look here! 

Photo still from 'Move Mountain' by Kirsten Lepore 

Photo still from 'Move Mountain' by Kirsten Lepore