The following three series are all part of my large body of tree landscapes. Growing up in the woods of New Hampshire, nature and particularly the forests have held a captivating sense of home (far more than any house). They woods are not safe, not always calm- but there is something familiar in them that makes me feel more myself and part of the earth. I do not always paint landscapes, but now and then, painting trees is a way of centering myself and reconnecting with a place no matter where I am in the world. 

Treescapes 2011-2015

Sticks in Snow

This small sub-series explores how minimal human intervention by compose a painting and alter the 'natural' element of the wild. The sticks, as many of the trees above, begin to represent human figures. In this case, the repeated number four represents a family (mine as well as the family I worked with at the time of creation). No longer in isolation or chaos, the four sticks are grouped - but no longer alive. 

Red Rope Series 

The red rope is riddled with metaphor, and I use many of the easily accessible ones below.  The line may create human webs, may imagined create boundaries in the space, may serve an unknown utilitarian function, or may represent a couple's love and hardships together. These paintings offer narratives through symbolism: sometimes dark, but hopefully intriguing.